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Hanisha, also known as "The Wellness Nail Tech" is the owner of Beautiful Peace Nail Studio and the founder of Beautiful Peace LLC and Beautiful Peace Skincare Products. Hanisha chose manicuring as a career for many reasons. Hanisha believes that she is able to positively affect and touch the lives of many, one hand at a time. As a woman, she knows firsthand how the simplest things, such as a manicure can boost your confidence and increase your self-esteem. To know that she has, in a way, contributed to making someone feel better about themselves, is totally gratifying. 


 Hanisha's hope is that, through her business, Beautiful Peace Nail Studio, she can be able to give back to the surrounding communities and provide services that ultimately increase the moral of the people that she services.


Hanisha also wants to be able to provide employment opportunities to her fellow nail technicians in the beauty industry.


" I will forever continue to grow and learn as much as I can about the nail/beauty industry and strive to be innovative in this ever changing beauty industry".

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