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Hanisha is a certified Sound Therapist and a Tuning Fork Practitioner. Hanisha is also a Reiki II practitioner as well. Hanisha embarked on her own personal healing journey several years ago and by doing so, Hanisha was inspired to help assist others along their healing journeys. Beautiful Peace was founded late 2018 and opened it's doors to the public in March of 2019. Beautiful Peace (formally known as Beautiful Peace Nail Studio) began offering holistic and wellness services in 2021 and has since fully transitioned solely into a holistic and wellness center. Hanisha is focused on helping you discover beautiful peace within with the healing modalities that she currently offers which includes Aura Cleansing, Chakra Balancing, Color/Art Therapy, Mindful Meditation, Sound Therapy, Spiritual Foot Soaks, Tea Time, Tuning Fork Therapy and more. Hanisha is dedicated to assisting each client with their wellness needs with personalized care through the services provided at Beautiful Peace. Hanisha is compassionate about helping each client along their healing and spiritual journey!

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